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Students Now Suing Schools for Fraud After College Admissions Scandal Erupts

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In what is sure to be only the first of many to come, a group of students from Stanford have filed a lawsuit against the colleges caught up in the recently unveiled college admissions scandal.

This only makes sense. After all, if you were a regular student who did not have a super rich, famous parent to bribe your way into your choice of schools, doesn’t that mean you could have been aced out of your choice of schools because you weren’t bribing your way in?

That is exactly the problem, here. This bribery scandal has devalued every college degree out there.

As the New York Post reported:

A pair of Stanford University students are suing the colleges wrapped up in a nationwide admissions scandal — plus the scheme’s mastermind — claiming that the plot denied them a fair shot at entry to other elite schools.

Erica Olsen and Kalea Woods claim that their respective applications to Yale and the University of Southern California were undercut by William “Rick” Singer’s plot to fraudulently get undeserving kids into top schools in exchange for bribes from their well-heeled parents.

The suit, filed Wednesday in the US District Court for California’s Northern District, names Singer, his college counseling business, the bogus charity he used to launder money and eight schools to which he directed kids — including the complainants’ own school, Stanford.

These students agree with me that their degrees have become devalued now that we see that a long list of students only got into these colleges by bribery.

This lawsuit is sure to be just the first of many to come.

But, let’s not be fooled, here. This garbage has been going on for decades. The entire industry of higher education is a corrupt joke. An American college degree has been practically worthless as any real measure of anything for decades.

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