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If You Have Cable YOU are Paying Your Money to CNN

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Just a reminder that if you are still paying for cable, you are helping to foot the bill to pay CNN’s expenses.

But, to show how sort of unfair the whole situation really is, Breitbart’s John Nolte noted that 90 million people are paying for cable right now but only a tiny one million of that 90 million ever bother to watch CNN. So, that means that 99 percent of cable subscribers are footing the bill so that one million can watch the skewed, left-wing “reporting” of CNN.

“The game is rigged, folks. And it is especially rigged against those normal Americans who on a daily basis are bullied, taunted, discriminated against, demonized, threatened, and menaced by CNN,” Nolte said on his March 13 report.

He goes on to inform readers that it “works like this”:

Even if you don’t watch CNN, you are still forced to pay for CNN.

It is called a carriage fee, and every month you subsidize this hate network to the tune of about $1.00 a month, or around $12.00 a year.

That means the welfare queens at CNN snatch about $90 million a month just because the game is rigged to force you to pay for a propaganda outlet that encourages and legitimizes violence, a hate network that runs one blacklisting campaign after another to de-platform conservatives or anyone who challenges that establishment.

Nolte adds that CNN is being enriched by a billion a year because of how the cable fee system works.

Nolte amusingly laments:

How in the world is CNN — national laughingstock in the credibility and ratings arena — able to run away with something like a billion dollars a year from Americans who do not watch CNN, Americans who boycott CNN, and American who despise CNN for its bigotry and love of violence?

The fact is, CNN has been included in every TV package whether you watch it or not. It’s how cable and satellite has worked since day one and how we are able to get so many channels for one monthly fee.

If CNN were to exist only on the strength of its ratings, it would be earning half the money or less than it now gets.

One of the benefits of “cutting the cord” and canceling cable is that you are no longer paying to maintain far left propaganda outfits like CNN, MSNBC, and “Comedy” Central.

Think about that when you are paying your next cable bill.

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